Posted by: ryanbailey03 | August 5, 2010

Reno Hiking: Cross Peak

The Cross Peak Trail is a scenic 2.5-3 mile hike in the mountains behing Caughlin Ranch.  Once you reach the beginning of the trail you will be able to see the top of cross peak which is located on the top a of a mountain appearing to be formed of only rock.  This trail begins on a paved bike path, after a 1/4 mile it will turn into a dirt trail.  As you begin a gradual ascent, you climb into a sierra forrest setting that has been ravaged by fire.  After a mile you come to the backside of cross peak where the trail will break to the right and will begin a steady uphill climb to the top.  At the summit, this peak offers a spectacular view of Reno and Verdi, as well as an iron cross with a box attached containing a notebook where you can write about your experience.  This Cross and box is a memorial to a certain reno family, so I ask that you please be respectful.  The difficulty of this hike would classify as meduim and will take 1-2 hours depending on pace and time spent taking in the views.  This is a great hike for kids and families looking to get out and spend so time together in this beautiful area.  The hike is shaded in areas and you will need to supply your own water.

Directions: From North Reno, Take I-80 west to McCarran Blvd, turn left and go under the freeway, turn  right at the 2nd Caughlin Parkway (up the hill), now it gets tricky because there isn’t a specific trailhead. Continue down Caughlin Parkway, you will go down a large hill, when you get to the bottom of the hill there will be a large strip of asphault on your left where you can park. If you reach Eagle’s Nest (gated neighborhood on left) turn around the trail is about 100-200 yards behind you. Hike south and climb to the top.  Have fun. 



  1. Good work Ryan! This is not easy to do…..

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