Posted by: ryanbailey03 | August 9, 2010

Reno Hiking: Thomas Creek Trail

This trail follows the waters of Thomas Creek up a broad canyon to a bench at the head of the canyon where an expansive meadow is bordered by dense stands of pine. When springtime comes to the mountains, visitors to the meadow can enjoy a sea of wildflowers in bloom. While in the fall the canyon is filled with golden colors.  While many people go to summit Mt. Rose on the weekends, those who choose this trail will often be rewarded with peace and quite.

This trail is excellent for mountain biking as well. It is an 8.5 in and out trail where you will gain 2,150 feet in elevation. This will take anywhere between 4 and 5 hours and is of moderate difficulty.  If you have dogs bring them with you since they will be able to access water at the creek for most of the trip.

To get here you will go south on 395, to Mt. Rose hwy (west) turn right on Timberline Dr, go to the end of Timberline and keep driving on the dirt road, cross the creek and turn left. There will be parking available in this area. Enjoy



  1. I know the trail. I have been running there a few times. Its. A nice trail and bet its a kick to bike as well.

    • Earl,
      This is definitely a leg burner on the bike, but the ride down makes it all worth it. Its snakes through the forrest so there are some good turns with a few technical sections. Let me know if you end up biking it, I’d love to hear what you thought. Thanks again

  2. To a Future Travel Writer!

    Wow… I want to go there and of coarse take my dog too. Nice site Ryan…keep up the good work and I’ll check back in again!


    • Hi Greg,
      This is certainly a tremendous hike for dogs. I’ve got a boxer who comes with me on all the hikes so I’ll be posting some more hikes that are dog friendly. Let me know if you do the hike, I’d like to hear what your input is. Thanks again
      Ryan B.

  3. Spot on the description for this hike! Peaceful is the word. I have done this one myself and it is a very nice hike, and the dogs love it. If you’re a beginner, just do a 30min walk in and back and go further each time; a great way to build stamina. It is a great way to start on hiking; easy, close, and very peaceful, and easy to get to.

    Note: Your links on the right don’t work for me, I get a 4040 error. Not sure if that is you or me.


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