Posted by: ryanbailey03 | August 11, 2010

Tahoe Hiking: Mt. Rose Summit

This is one of the more challenging hikes around this area but the views from the top are incredible.  This hike is 10 miles in-and-out and starts at 8,700 feet elevation, in 5 miles you reach the summit which is 10,778 feet.  The first couple of miles are very pleasant with great views of the lake and Mt. Rose ahead.  After you pass Galena Falls continue to the right towards relay peak.  Once you cross Galena Creek the hike begins to get more intense. There are few shaded sections and you really begin to gain elevation, which makes this section a leg burner.  After passing into the signed Mt. Rose wilderness area there is one last right to take towards the summit.  From here it is 1.2 miles to the top.  Relax and take in the views, you’ve earned it. Be sure to bring plenty of drinking water and sunglasses since you reach altitudes of over 10,000 feet.  Once you’re done at the top give your legs a break and enjoy the descent back to the car.

To get to the trailhead from Reno, take 395 to Mt. Rose Hwy. Once you get to the top of Mt. Rose Hwy (past the ski resort) there will be restrooms and a paved parking area on your right. Park here and head out.



  1. Hi Ryan,
    When I get my knee in a little better shape, I’d like to do this hike with you and TJ. Until then, I’m really enjoying the beautiful photos you are taking. Keep up the great work! Tanna (aka – Mom)

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