Posted by: ryanbailey03 | August 11, 2010

Tahoe Hiking: Skunk Harbor

This is a very nice 3 mile in-and-out hike to the shores of Skunk Harbor at Lake Tahoe. The trailhead for this hike is located 2 miles north of the Highway 50/28 junction. Look for a green gate on the west (lake) side of the road. Watch out for parking in the turnout: the sheriff’s department will ticket you mercilessly even if you obey the “fire access – keep clear” sign. Follow this road down to a fork at about 1 mile. The left fork will continue to Prey Meadows while the right fork continues on to skunk Harbor on the Lake’s shore. There is a house on the shore that was built in 1923 that is a monument of skunk harbor. A plaque explains the origin and preservation of the house, but the true monument is the structure itself. Peek through the windows at the gray interior, and picnic on one of the verandas, enjoying the wonderful views of Tahoe. If you have a dog than bring them along. This hike is fairly shaded and Tahoe is there at the end to cool them down. Have fun.


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